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You and AI

In this week’s edition - Ep#1

  1. Which AI mindset are you today?
    Abundance techno-optimist, or scarcity AI regulation and control?

  2. You and AI. 
    Handpicked tools to boost your work, and some thoughts on AI in specific industries.

  3. “Follow the money” to see where AI is heading. 
    We look at some of today’s investments with an eye on the future.

Which AI mindset are you today? Positive, bullish abundance or negative, bearish scarcity?

Abundance mindset? Signed up to the Techno-Optimist Manifesto?

He first coined the phrase, “Software is eating the world”, and now VC Marc Andreessen has launched the Techno-Optimist Manifesto to soothe fears and promise productivity from modern tech like AI.

Marc explores Lies, Truth, and Technology and many other topics in a long-love letter to like-minded people who tech like AI to future productivity and, no less, the future of the world.

A positive glimpse of the future here today: The Empire 🗽 Strikes Back: AI Redefining NYC's Future

New York is bullish on AI and amongst the first cities to integrate AI into its futuristic plan for the city. The forward thinking move towards AI is timely and pioneering for local governments across the state enhancing public services, and improving residents' quality of life. Read more

Scarcity mindset? AI regulation, ethics, and control?

There has been no shortage of AI fear-press, from Goldmans Sachs claim that 300 million jobs will be lost to AI, and even the recent, long-running Hollywood writers strike being partly about AI. The list of negative press — whether correct or not — definitely has an impact on people and creates career-fear.

How would you measure moves by the RIAA to put some AI sites on the piracy watchlist? It’s going all the way to the US Senate!

Your Voice Matters: Navigating IP Protection in the AI Age 🎙️🔒

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) might be said to be bearish on AI. The RIAA’s push to include AI voice cloning sites on the piracy watchlist highlights the growing challenges in safeguarding intellectual property in the digital age.

Voice cloning tech can be misused to replicate voices of public figures, potentially leading to unauthorised content. This call emphasises the importance of striking a balance between protecting intellectual property and promoting responsible use of new technologies. Read the Senate act here

Your Career and AI

This section first looks at the big picture, then chooses one particular job field — this week it’s finance — and then we drop in some useful tools to boost your productivity.

Generative AI has entered the mainstream. How widespread is it among workers?

Recent report from Mckinsey shines a light on the transformations in the US Labor Market: Pandemic Impact, Automation Trends, and Shifting Job Demands. In summary, the report highlights the dynamic nature of the US labor market, driven by factors such as the pandemic, automation, and infrastructure investments.

It underscores the importance of proactive workforce development strategies to help individuals adapt to these changes effectively. More

AI is transforming the finance sector by providing CFOs and finance teams with unique solutions to age-old problems. Here are 3 ways finance teams are currently leveraging AI:

  1. Automating Tasks.

  2. Data Analysis and Error Detection.

  3. Improved Forecasting and Budgeting.

Your Top Career Boosting Tools: 🚀

One of the great ways for everyone to use AI today is not to replace jobs, but to complement jobs to be done. If you use AI systems like a team-mate, you can do your work faster and probably better, making you look awesome at work!

Your personal AI assistant, on your ‘phone, that enhances productivity and assists with various personal tasks. This is a very human-oriented app and could replace many manual tools and other apps for to-dos, ideating, and more. Link.

Your personal data analyst, providing quick answers to data-related inquiries, aiding decision-making and analysis. Ask natural language questions of your data so you don’t need to know formulas. Link.

Audio is a nightmare, but essential in business. Grow your global audience with award-winning AI dubbing. Lifelike AI voices, perfected by real translatorsTranslates up to 70+ languages with audio support, facilitating global communication and networking. Link.

Follow the $money for the future of AI.

Understanding where AI investments are being placed today gives you some idea of where the future is heading. Check out each industry that is seeing huge AI investment:

  • AlphaSense (AI): $150 million and a $2.5 billion valuation showcase the demand for AI-powered market intelligence, making AlphaSense a key asset for businesses, and an attractive investment.

  • Sierra Space (Space): Investors' $290 million bet affirms Sierra Space's vision of commercial space stations. It highlights potential for space industry innovation.

  • Harbinger Health (Biotech): $140 million investment reflects the importance of early cancer detection. Investors believe in revolutionary cancer care, sparking healthcare innovation.